Gender and Short Fiction

Gender and Short Fiction

Women's Tales in Contemporary Britain

Lojo-Rodriguez, Laura; Sacido-Romero, Jorge

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Acknowledgements List of Contributors 1 Introduction JORGE SACIDO-ROMERO AND LAURA M LOJO-RODRIGUEZ PART I Theorising Gender and Short Fiction 2 Genre and Gender in British Modern and Contemporary Short Fiction A Meta-Critical Approach ANNE BESNAULT-LEVITA PART II In Carter's Wake 3 The Legacy of Angela Carter Ethics and Authorial Performance in Contemporary Short Fiction by Women MICHELLE RYAN-SAUTOUR 4 In the Company of Wolves Women's Fairy Tales after Carter PAUL MARCH-RUSSELL PART III Body Politics 5 Tales of Femininity and Sexuality Competing Discourses and the Negotiation of Feminisms Today EMMA YOUNG 6 Genealogies of Women Discourses on Mothering and Motherhood in the Short Fiction of Michele Roberts LAURA M LOJO-RODRIGUEZ 7 "Oh Yes, Women Get Erect" Dismantling Sexual Standards in Jeanette Winterson's Short Fiction ISABEL MARIA ANDRES-CUEVAS PART IV Voicing Differently 8 (Un)gendering Voice and Affect in A.L. Kennedy's Short Fiction SYLVIA MIESZKOWSKI 9 What's in an Echo? Voice, Gender and Genre in Ali Smith's Short Stories MARIA CASADO VILLANUEVA 10 In a Different Voice Janice Galloway's Short Stories JORGE SACIDO-ROMERO 11 Speaking from Border Country Colour as Fluid Identity Factor in the Short Stories of Jackie Kay BARBARA KORTE PART V Narrating Life 12 Stories Told and Untold Re-Gendering the First World War through Centenary Narratives. ISABEL CARRERA-SUAREZ 13 Women's Transcultural Experience in A.S. Byatt's Short Stories CARMEN LARA-RALLO 14 "Why Don't You Have a Go at a Novel?" Gender through Genre in Helen Simpson's Stories LAURA TORRES-ZUNIGA PART VI Latest News 15 New Voices in British Short Stories by Women AILSA COX
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