Gender, Culture, and Performance

Gender, Culture, and Performance

Marathi Theatre and Cinema before Independence

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Preface and Acknowledgements. Introduction 1. Vishnudas Bhave's Stylised Mythologicals (1843) 2. Prose Plays: Reinventing and Founding Traditions (c. 1860) 3. B.P. Kirloskar's Musical Plays (1880) 4. New Paradigms of Social Realism (1930s) 5. The Kirloskar Trio: Deval, Kolhatkar, Gadkari 6. Natyacharya Khadilkar: Ideology and Entertainment 7. Selected Renowned Playwrights 8. Major Theatre Companies 9. The Theatre World 10. Enter Women: Pioneering Women Dramatists and Actresses 11. Bal Gandharva: From Female Impersonator to Icon of New Womanhood 12. Drama as a Mode of Discourse 13. Silent Films and Talkies 14. The Early Silver Stars. References. About the Author. Index
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