GeNeDis 2020

GeNeDis 2020

Computational Biology and Bioinformatics

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1-Digging for Significant Genes in Microarray Expression Data Based on Systematic Sampling and Hierarchal Clustering Algorithm 2-A DSS for predicting Lymphoma in primary Sjogren's Syndrome patients 3-Decision Support System for Breast Cancer Detection Using Biomarker Indicators 4-Hepatocellular Carcinoma Detection Using Machine Learning Techniques 5-Web-based Decision Support System for Coronary Heart Disease Diagnosis 6-A Decision Support System for the Prediction of Drug Predisposition through Personality Traits 7-Development of a diagnostic tool for balance disorders based on machine learning techniques 8-Systems Approaches in the Common Metabolomics in Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia and Rhabdomyosarcoma Cells: A Computational Approach 9-Bioinformatics Analyses of Spatial Peripheral Circadian Clock- Mediated Gene Expression of Glucocorticoid Receptor-related Genes 10-Machine Learning for Autistic Spectrum Disorder Risk Screening 11-Mobile Application for Monitoring and Preventing Cognitive Decline through Lifestyle Intervention 12-Virtual Reality Zoo Therapy for Alzheimer's Disease Using Real-time Gesture Recognition 13-Validation of the Greek Version of Social Media Disorder Scale 14-Adiponectin and its Effects on Acute Leukemia Cells: An Experimental and Bioinformatics Approach 15-Nature and quantum inspired procedures - a short literature review 16-Handling the cellular complex systems in Alzheimer's disease through a graph mining approach 17-Debunking the neuromyth of learning style 18-Expert characteristics: implications for expert systems 19-Improving the Run-Time of Space E cient n-gram Data Structures using Apache Spark 20-Development of a protein biochip platform for Parkinson's disease 21-The Cultural adaptation of the iSupportDementia in Greece 22-The use of data collection and big data analysis in Neurodegenerative disease prevention 23-Fractal Dynamics in the RR Interval of Craniopharyngioma and Adrenal Tumor in Adolescence 24-Bioinformatics approaches for Parkinson's disease in clinical practice: Data- driven biomarkers and pharmacological treatment 25-Emerging Machine Learning techniques for modelling cellular complex systems in Alzheimer's disease 26-Cognitive Enhancement Through Mathematical Problem Solving 27-Cognitive tasks of an information system for memory training and cognitive enhancement using mobile devices 28-An application for exploring visual perception. A pilot neuroeducational study 29-Genes Classification Based on Multi Class SVMs with Systematic Sampling and Hierarchical Clustering (SSHC) Algorithm 30-Multinetwork motor learning as a model for dance in neurorehabilitation 31-Controlling the chimera form in the Leaky Integrate-and-Fire model 32-Qualitative differences between the Semi-separable and the "Almansi type" Stokes stream function expansions in the study of biological fluids. 33-A multiscale mathematical model for tumor growth, incorporating the GLUT1 expression
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