Fundamentals of Frontline Surgery

Fundamentals of Frontline Surgery


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Forewords Preface Editors Contributors 1. The Resource-Limited Environment Mansoor Khan and David Nott 2. Patterns of Injury Danyal Magnus, Katherine A. Brown, Mansoor Khan, and William Proud 3. Damage Control Resuscitation Mark Midwinter 4. No Blood . . . What to Do? Avi Benov, Roy Nadler, Avishai M. Tsur, Ori Yaslowitz, Andrew P. Cap, Mark H. Yazer, and Elon Glassberg 5. Point-of-Care Ultrasound Carlos Augusto M. Menegozzo and Bruno M. Pereira 6. Thoracic Injury Management David R. King and James V. O'Connor 7. Junctional and Extremity Vascular Trauma David S. Kauvar and Mohammed Mar'ae Asieri 8. Trauma Laparotomy and Damage Control Laparotomy Carrie Valdez and David Nott 9. Damage Control for Severe Pelvic Haemorrhage in Trauma Kristin Hummel and John H. Armstrong 10. Abdominal Injuries Viktor Reva and Boris Kessel 11. Acute Care Emergency Surgery Marcelo A.F. Ribeiro and Mansoor Khan 12. Frontline Consideration for Paediatric Emergency and Trauma Surgery Nicholas Alexander 13. RLE Orthopaedic Injury Management Jowan Penn-Barwell and Daniel Christopher Allison 14. Neurotrauma in the Field Kevin Tsang 15. Management of Ballistic Face and Neck Trauma in an Austere Setting Johno Breeze 16. Management of Ophthalmic Injuries by the Forward Surgical Team Richard J. Blanch, Johno Breeze, and William G. Gensheimer 17. Resource-Limited Environment Plastic Surgery Johann A. Jeevaratnam, Charles Anton Fries, Dimitrios Kanakopoulos, Paul J.H. Drake, and Lorraine Harry 18. Acute Acoustic Trauma and Blast-Related Hearing Loss Jameel Muzaffar, Christopher Coulson, Jonathan D.E. Lee, and Linda E. Orr 19. Obstetrics in Limited-Resource Settings Carlos Pilasi Menichetti and Rebekka Troller Index
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