Functional Nanostructures and Sensors for CBRN Defence and Environmental Safety and Security

Functional Nanostructures and Sensors for CBRN Defence and Environmental Safety and Security








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Printing as a technique for sensors with integrated electronics; T. Theres Baby et al.- Development of policy and strategy of the nanomaterials for environmental safety/security by radioactive/nuclear agents at critical infrastructure facilities in Albania; L. Qafmolla.- Boron10 isotope based neutron radiation semiconductor sensors; P.J. Kervalishvili.- Transmission of two measuring signals by an invariant property of three wire communication lines; A. Penin, A. Sidorenko.- IR-sensors and detectors of irradiation based on metal foils; B.B. Banduryan et al.- Magnetoelectric effect driven by reversible surface chemistry and bulk ion-exchange; A. Molinari et al.- Antiferromagnetic-to-ferromagnetic transition in FeRh thin films with strain induced nanostructure; R. Witte et al.- Thermally and stress induced phase transformations and reversibility in shape memory alloys; O. Adiguzel.- The toxic effect of trifluralin on soil microorganisms in the presence of Fe0 /PVP nanoparticles; A. Sidorenko et al.- Management of ransomware detection and prevention in multilevel environmental monitoring information system; G. Margarov, E. Mitrofanova.- Organization of assistance to victims of a thermal trauma during the pre-hospital and hospital stages in the event of a terrorist attack; V. Nagaichuk et al.- Frequency transducers of gas concentration based on transistor structures with negative differential resistance; A.V. Osadchuk, V.S. Osadchuk.- Chemical and biological defense in the south-eastern european countries; L.D. Galatchi.- Smart surface with ferromagnetic properties for eco- and bioanalytics; M. Pajewska et al.- Planning For Groundwater Protection: monitoring Systems & Data Requirements; K.A. Papatheodorou.- The synergy between cyber and nuclear security. Case study of Moldova; Au. Buzdugan, A. Buzdugan.- Microbially-mediated decontamination of CBRN agents on land and infrastructure using biocementation; V. Ivanov and V. Stabnikov.- Point-contact sensors as an innovative tool in defense against chemical agents, environment and health risks: a review; G.V. Kamarchuk et al.- New method of optical spectroscopy for environmental protection and safety; S. Khudaverdyan et al.- Smart and connected sensors network for water contamination monitoring and situational awareness; A. Vaseashta et al.
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