From Statistics to Mathematical Finance

From Statistics to Mathematical Finance

Festschrift in Honour of Winfried Stute

Schmidt, Thorsten; Wang, Jane-Ling; Ferger, Dietmar; Gonzalez Manteiga, Wenceslao

Springer International Publishing AG






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Preface.- Review Chapters on Winfried Stute's Work, e.g. Stute's Work in Survival Analysis.- Novikov: Kolmogorov-Smirnov Statistics.- Albrecher: Insurance Mathematics.- Ruschendorf: Risk Bounds and Partial Dependence Information.- Schumacher: Kaplan-Meier Integrals.- Overbeck: Backward SDEs.- Hausler: On Empirical Distribution Functions Under Auxiliary Information.- Eichner: KARDE - An R package for Kernel-Adaptive Regression and Density Estimation.- Ferger: Asymptotic Tail Bounds for the Dempfle-Stute Estimator in General Regression Models.- Dikta: Semi-parametric Random Censorship Models.- Schmidt: Shot-Noise Processes in Finance.- Koul: Estimating the Error Distribution in a Single-index Model.- Zhu: A Review on Dimension Reduction-based Tests for Regressions.- Roussas: Limiting Experiments and Asymptotic Bounds on the Performance of Sequences of Estimators.- Bhattacharya: Nonparametric Stopping Rules for Detecting Small Changes in Location and Scale Families.- Cao: A Review on Bandwidth Selection for Density Estimation with Dependent Data.- de Una: On Nonparametric Estimation from Truncated Samples.- Ferreira: Stochastic Processes Applied to Gender Gaps.- Delgado: On the Efficiency of Directional Model Checks for Regression.- Gonzalez-Manteiga: Goodness-of-fit Tests for Stochastic Volatility Models.- Eberlein: Option Pricing with Levy Processes.- Huskova: Change Point Detection with Multivariate Observations Based on Characteristic Functions.
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