From Socialist to Post-Socialist Cities

From Socialist to Post-Socialist Cities

Cultural Politics of Architecture, Urban Planning, and Identity in Eurasia


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1. Introduction: From socialist to post-socialist cities: narrating the nation through urban space 2. Urban space, political identity and the unwanted legacies of state socialism: Bucharest's problematic Centru Civic in the post-socialist era 3. Millennial politics of architecture: myths and nationhood in Budapest 4. The Southern Square in the Baltic Pearl: Chinese ambition and "European" architecture in St. Petersburg, Russia 5. "Civilizing the city center": symbolic spaces and narratives of the nation in Yerevan's post-Soviet landscape 6. The production of a new Eurasian capital on the Kazakh steppe: architecture, urban design, and identity in Astana 7. Leaving Lenin: elites, official ideology and monuments in the Kyrgyz Republic 8. City of felt and concrete: Negotiating cultural hybridity in Mongolia's capital of Ulaanbaatar 9. In search of lost time: memory politics in Estonia, 1991-2011
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