Friston on Costs

Friston on Costs

Friston, Mark

Oxford University Press






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Part 1: History and development of costs 1: A Brief History of Costs Part 2: Introduction to the law of costs 2: The Language of Costs 3: The Nature of Costs 4: The Status of the Rules Governing Costs 5: The Court's Powers Regarding Costs Part 3: Orders for costs 6: Orders for Costs (Jurisdiction and Discretion) 7: Orders for Costs (Particular Circumstances) 8: Orders for Costs (Qualified One-way Costs Shifting) 9: Orders for Costs (Non-party Costs Orders and Wasted Costs) 10: Orders for Costs (Clarification and Revision of Orders) 11: Orders for Costs (Costs-Only Proceedings) Part 4: Orders regarding costs 12: Costs Management and Cost Budgeting 13: Costs Capping and Related Topics 14: Payments on Account of Costs 15: Security for Costs Part 5: Bases of costs and Part 36 16: The Bases of Assessment (Indemnity Basis and Standard Basis) 17: Part 36 Offers Part 6: Points of law regarding costs 18: The Indemnity Principle 19: Plural Liability for and Plural Entitlement to Costs 20: Distribution: Apportionment and Division of Costs 21: Mutual Liabilities and Set-off 22: Agency and Costs 23: Finality, Delay and Limitation 24: Human Rights and the Law and Costs Part 7: The overriding objective, proportionality, and relief from sanctions 25: Proportionality and Costs 26: The Overriding Objective, Collective Proportionality and Relief from Sanctions Part 8: Agreements between legal services provider and client 27: Contracts of Retainer (General Principles) 28: Contracts of Retainer, etc (Consumer Issues) 29: Contracts of Retainer (Conditional Fee Agreements and damages based agreements) 30: Contracts of Retainer (Champerty and Maintenance) 31: Contracts of Retainer (Interpretation and Implied Terms) 32: Contracts of Retainer (Transfer of Contracts of Retainer and the Management of Errors) Part 9: Agreements with Funders and Insurers 33: Litigation Funding 34: Legal Expenses Insurance Part 10: Costs as between solicitor and client 35: Invoices and Bills 36: Solicitor and Client Assessments 37: The Basis of Assessment Between Solicitor and Client 38: Quantum Between Solicitor and Client 39: Clients' Rights and Remedies: Alternative Means of Resolving Disputes and Compromise 40: Solicitors' Rights and Remedies: Proceedings, Lien, Charging Orders, and Equitable Interference Part 11: Practice Issues 41: Legal Project Management 42: Value-based pricing and practising without recording time Part 12: Assessments, appeals and ADR between opposing parties 43: Detailed Assessments Between Opposing Parties 44: Summary Assessments 45: Costs Appeals and Reviews 46: Evidential Issues and Privilege 47: Representation and Rights of Audience 48: Alternative Dispute Resolution of Costs Disputes Part 13: Quantification of costs between opposing parties 49: The Assessment of Costs in General (including the assessment of time) 50: Fixed Costs, Costs on the Small Claims Track, and Fast Track Costs 51: Hourly Rates 52: Disbursements and expenses 53: Counsel's Fees 54: Additional Liabilities 55: Value Added Tax 56: Interest Between Opposing Parties 57: Conduct and Misconduct and the Quantum of Costs 58: Legislative Fetters on the Recovery of Costs Part 14: Particular persons 59: Litigants in Person and Lawyers Who Act in Their Own Cause 60: Children and Protected Persons 61: Public Bodies and the Crown 62: Costs Against Legally Aided Persons 63: Road Traffic Insurers and Liability for Costs 64: Costs Against the Courts Service Part 15: Particular circumstances 65: Group Litigation, Derivative Claims and Representative Claims 66: Contracts and Trusts 67: Public Law and Judicial Review Part 16: Materials 68: Tables and Figures
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