Foundations of Chemical Reaction Network Theory

Foundations of Chemical Reaction Network Theory

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Part I: Preliminaries.- Anticipating the Big Picture: Some Clues.- Chemical and Notational Preliminaries.- Reaction Networks, Kinetics, and the Induced Differential Equations.- Open Systems: Why Study Nonconservative and Otherwise Peculiar Reaction Networks?.- A Toy-Reaction-Network Zoo: Varieties of Behavior and Some Questions.- Part II: Some Principle Theorems: A First Look.- Aspects of Reaction Network Structure.- The Deficiency Zero Theorem.- Deficiency One Theory.- Concentration Robustness and Its Importance in Biology: Some More Deficiency-Oriented Theorems.- Concordant Reaction Networks: Architectures that Promote Dull, Reliable Behavior Across Broad Kinetic Classes.- The Species-Reaction Graph.- The Big Picture Revisited.- Part III: Going Deeper.- Quasi-Thermodynamic Kinetic Systems.- Detailed Balancing.- Complex Balancing.- Deficiency Zero Theory Foundations and Some Key Propositions.- Deficiency One Theory Foundations.- Concentration Robustness Foundations.- Species-Reaction Graph Foundations.
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Chemical Reaction Network Theory;Systems Biology;Reaction Networks;Kinetics;Deficiency Zero Theorem;Deficiency One Theorem;Networks;Dynamic Systems;Differential Equations;Stability;Biochemistry;Mathematical Biology;biochemical engineering