Football and Health Improvement: an Emergent Field

Football and Health Improvement: an Emergent Field


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1. Football and health improvement: an emerging field Daniel Parnell and Andy Pringle 2. A perspective from key stakeholders on football and health improvement Angus Martin, Simon Morgan, Daniel Parnell, Matthew Philpott, Andy Pringle, Michael Rigby, Andy Taylor and Jon Topham 3. Supporting lifestyle risk reduction: promoting men's health through professional football S. Zwolinsky, J. McKenna, A. Pringle, A. Daly-Smith, S. Robertson and A. White 4. Effectiveness of a community football programme on improving physiological markers of health in a hard-to-reach male population: the role of exercise intensity Andrew Thomas Hulton, David Flower, Rebecca Murphy, Dave Richardson, Barry Drust and Kathryn Curran 5. Evaluating conflict mitigation and health improvement through soccer: a two-year study of Mifalot's 'United Soccer for Peace' programme Tal Litvak-Hirsch, Yair Galily and Michael Leitner 6. The pursuit of lifelong participation: the role of professional football clubs in the delivery of physical education and school sport in England Daniel Parnell, Sarah Buxton, Des Hewitt, Matthew J. Reeves, Ed Cope and Richard Bailey 7. Can 'English Premier League' funding for PE and school sport achieve its aims? Stephen Zwolinsky, Jim McKenna, Daniel Parnell and Andy Pringle 8. The influence of club football on children's daily physical activity Glen Nielsen, Anna Bugge and Lars Bo Andersen 9. Football for health: getting strategic Simon Lansley and Daniel Parnell
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