Financial Systems and Economic Growth

Financial Systems and Economic Growth

Credit, Crises, and Regulation from the 19th Century to the Present


Cambridge University Press






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Introduction Peter L. Rousseau and Paul Wachtel; 1. Growing up to stability? Financial globalization, financial development, and financial crises Michael D. Bordo and Christopher M. Meissner; 2. Episodes of financial deepening: credit booms or growth generators? Peter L. Rousseau and Paul Wachtel; 3. Financing US economic growth, 1790-1860: corporations, markets, and the real economy Robert E. Wright; 4. Banks and democracy John Joseph Wallis; 5. Finance, economic growth, and globalization in the era of the Cold War Niall Ferguson; 6. Anatomy of a regime change: underwriters' reputation, New Deal financial acts and the collapse of international capital markets, 1920-35 Marc Flandreau; 7. Protecting financial stability in the aftermath of World War I: the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta's dissenting policy Eugene N. White; 8. Rediscovering macro-prudential regulation: the national banking era from the perspective of 2015 Charles W. Calomiris and Mark Carlson.