Feminist Perspectives on Contemporary Zombies, Vampires, and Witches

Feminist Perspectives on Contemporary Zombies, Vampires, and Witches

Radical Monstrosity in Literature, Film, and TV


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Introduction: Feminism, The Many-Headed Monster Heidi Breuer and Natalie Wilson Part 1: Zombies 1. Zombies in Context Breuer and Wilson 2. Re-Composing Zombie Politics: Evolved Zombies and Female Saviors Wilson 3. Asexuality and the Zombie Apocalypse: The Sexual Politics of the Undead Breuer Part 2: Vampires 4. Vampires in Context Breuer and Wilson 5. Viral Vampires: The Zombification of Vampires in the Millennial Era Wilson 6. Don't Die for Love! Challenging the Romantic Ideal of Intimate Partner Violence in Vampire Narratives Breuer Part 3: Witches 7. Witches in Context Breuer and Wilson 8. Is Maternity Still Compulsory?: Popular Witches of Millennial T.V. and Film Breuer 9. Wicked Good: Witchy Women and the Reclamation of Female Agency Wilson Conclusion: Feminism Goes Viral Breuer and Wilson
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