Female and Male Contraception

Female and Male Contraception


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Part I Overview on contraception: Birth control methods: from ancient times to the future.- Best practices for contraceptive counseling.- Contraception and sexuality.- Contraception and mood.- Part II Female contraceptives: Non-hormonal contraceptives.- The SARCs: combined hormonal contraceptives and progestin-only pills.- The advantages of LARC methods.- Medical eligibility criteria for contraceptive use.- Venous and arteriosus risks associated with old and new oral contraceptive formulations.- Non-contraceptive benefits of hormonal methods.- Oncologic risks and prevention.- Emergency contraception.- Part III Management of female contraception throughout women's lifetime: Contraception and issues specific to adolescents.- Post-partum and peri-abortion contraception.- Contraception in the premenopausal women.- Contraceptive choice in women with PCOS.- Part IV Management of female contraception in women with medical conditions: Contraception in women with cardiovascular diseases.- Contraception in women with metabolic diseases.- Contraception in women with neurological diseases.- Contraception in women with oncological conditions.- Contraception in women with rheumatologic diseases and post transplantation.- Drug interactions with contraceptives.- Bone health and contraception .- Part V Male contraception: current options and ongoing research : The male role in family planning today.- Acceptability of male hormonal contraception.- Male contraception: non-hormonal methods.- Male contraception: hormonal methods.
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