Federal Democracies at Work

Federal Democracies at Work

Varieties of Complex Government


University of Toronto Press






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Contributors 1. Introduction Arthur Benz and Jared Sonnicksen 2. Federalism as a Yardstick for Democracy Thomas O. Hueglin 3. Linking Federalism and Democracy. An Analytical Framework Arthur Benz 4. Out of Balance: Executive Dominance in Federal Settings John Erik Fossum and David Laycock 5. Federalism and Democracy in the United States Timothy Conlan 6. Federalism and Direct Democracy in Switzerland: Competing or Complementary? Sean Mueller 7. Germany: How Federalism has shaped Consensus Democracy Sabine Kropp 8. Between Co-evolution and Intercurrence: How Democracy has shaped Federalism in Canada Joerg Broschek 9. Party Federalism in Australia Andrew Banfield and Anthony Sayers 10. Belgium: the Democratic State of the Federation Petra Meier and Peter Bursens 11. Democracy and Federalism in Spain: Interactions, Tensions and Compatibilities Cesar Colino 12. Democracy and Federalism in India. Mutually Reinforcing? Wilfried Swenden and Katharine Adeney 13. Comparing Patterns of Federal Democracy Arthur Benz and Jared Sonnicksen References