Family Group Conferencing with Children and Young People

Family Group Conferencing with Children and Young People

Advocacy Approaches, Variations and Impacts

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Chapter 1. Introduction Chapter 2. Family Group Conferences: Models and Processes Chapter 3. Advocacy Chapter 4. Literature Review: Current and Developing Research Chapter 5. Children's Rights Chapter 6. Theory: Eco Systems, Resiliency and Social Pedagogy Chapter 7. Theories of Power: Family Group Conferences and Advocacy Approaches Chapter 8. Findings Pre-Conference: Demographics, Preparation and Referral and Gatekeeping Chapter 9. Findings Pre-Conference: Evolution of FGC: Division of Roles, Engagement and Participation Chapter 10. Findings Pre-Conference: Questions Chapter 11. Findings the Conference: Timeframes, Attendance and Focus, Family Time, the Plan, Follow Up Chapter 12. Conclusion: Summary, Areas for Future Research and Implications for Social Work Practice.
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social work;youth justice;community work;mental health;risk;rights;policy;welfare;family law;restorative justice;children;young people;advocacy