Expanding the Rainbow

Expanding the Rainbow

Exploring the Relationships of Bi+, Polyamorous, Kinky, Ace, Intersex, and Trans People

Sumerau, J.E.; Miller, Andrea; Simula, Brandy L.







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Foreword R. F. Plante Preface Acknowledgements Introduction Brandy L. Simula, Andrea Miller and J. E. Sumerau Part 1: Bi+ and Plurisexual Relationships 1. "By Definition They're Not the Same Thing": Analyzing Methods of Meaning Making for Pansexual Individuals Ashley Green 2. You Cared before You Knew: Navigating Bi+ Familial Relationships Nik Lampe 3. Sibling Relationships and the Bi+ Coming out Process Lain A. B. Mathers 4. Autoethnographic Insights on Media Representations of Bi Narratives Brittany M. Harder Part 2: Consensually Non-Monogamous Relationships 5. Polyamory and a Queer Orientation to the World Mimi Schippers 6. Monogamy vs. Polyamory: Negotiating Gender Hierarchy Michelle Wolkomir 7. Margins of Identity: Queer Polyamorous Women's Navigation of Identity Krista L. Benson 8. Race, Class, Gender, and Relationship Power in Queer Polyamory Emily Pain 9. Relational Fluidity: Somewhere between Polyamory and Monogamy (Personal Reflection) J. E. Sumerau and Alexandra "Xan" C. H. Nowakowski Part 3: Kinky/BDSM Relationships 10. BDSM Relationships Robin Bauer 11. Kink Work Online: The Diffuse Lives of Erotic Webcam Workers and Their Clients Angela Jones 12. BDSM Disclosures and the Circle of Intimates: A Mixed Methods Analysis of Identity and Disclosure Audience and Response Katherine Martinez 13. Finding Yourself in the Dark: On Submission, Healing, and Acceptance (Personal Reflection) Mar Middlebrooks Part 4: Asexual Relationships 14. Asexualities, Intimacies and Relationality Tiina Vares 15. At the Intersection of Polyamory and Asexuality Daniel Copulsky 16. Asexuality and the Re/Construction of Sexual Orientation C. J. Chasin 17. Queering the Nuclear Family: Navigating Familial Living as an Asexual (Personal Reflection) Katie Linder Part 5: Intersex Relationships 18. Understanding Intersex Relationship Issues Cary Gabriel Costello 19. Not Going to the Chapel? Intersex Youth and an Exploration of Marriage Desires and Expectations Georgiann Davis and Jonathan Jimenez 20. Shifting Medical Paradigms: The Evolution of Relationships between Intersex Individuals and Doctors Sarah S. Topp Part 6: Transgender Relationships 21. Trans Relationships and the Trans Partnership Narrative Carey Jean Sojka 22. "I Try Not to Push It Too Far": Trans/Nonbinary Individuals Negotiating Race and Gender in Intimate Relationships alithia zamantakis 23. Generational Gaps or Othering the Other? Tension between Binary and Non-Binary Trans People stef m. shuster 24. Research on Gender Identity & Youth: Incorporating Intersectionality Griffin Lacy 25. Symbiotic Love: On Dating, Sex, and Interpersonal Relationships between Transgender People (Personal Reflection) Shalen Lowell For Use in the Classroom: Notes on Teaching outside the Rainbow Andrea Miller Notes on Contributors
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