From the Killing Fields of Cambodia to California and Back

University of Nebraska Press







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List of Illustrations Preface Complete Cast of Characters Introduction Part 1. Year Zero 1. The Diplomat and the Deportee 2. "It Was a Massacre" 3. The Mother 4. The Murderer 5. Sithy and Sithea 6. "It's Not What You Think" 7. The Wife without a Husband 8. Stealing from the Dead Part 2. Limbo 9. The Father 10. An Education in Silence 11. A Second Chance 12. The Medicine Man 13. Expired 14. "Not Home for the Holidays" 15. Never-Ending Nightmare Part 3. Year of the Monkey 16. Two Cities Tangled Together 17. New Year, Same Past 18. Girlfriends 19. A Party at Oak Park 20. Judgment Day Part 4. Years to Come 21. Blood-Killer 22. The Pastor 23. Friends and Family 24. Exile 25. Left Behind Afterword Acknowledgments Appendix Sources Index
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