Exchange-rate Policies For Emerging Market Economies

Exchange-rate Policies For Emerging Market Economies

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Introduction -- Fixed vs Flexible Exchange Rates: The Debate Continues -- The Case for Hard Currency Strategies for Emerging Market Economies -- Is Optimum Currency Area Theory Irrelevant for Economies in Transition? -- The Relevance of the Optimum Currency Area Approach for Exchange Rate Policies in Emerging Market Economies -- Exchange Rate Pegging as an Anti-Inflation Strategy -- Exchange Rates as Nominal Anchors: An Overview of the Issues -- Central European Exchange Rate Policy and Inflation -- The Baltic States: Alternative Routes to Credibility -- Exchange Rate Based Stabilization Policy in Latin America -- Is Pegging the Exchange Rate a Cure for Inflation? East Asian Experiences -- Issues for Exchange Rate Management -- Intervention Strategy and Purchasing Power Parity -- Trade and Payments in Eastern European Economic Reform -- Real Exchange Rate Targeting in Economies in Transition and the Sterilization Problem: The Hungarian Experience -- Currency Areas and Currency Boards -- Exchange Rate Crises: Are Currency Boards the Answer for Emerging Market Economies? -- The Estonian Currency Board -- The Lithuanian Currency Board -- Experiences from the Emerging Market Economies -- The Czech Case: Fixed Exchange Rates Through Stages of Transition -- Exchange Rate Policy in Hungary Between 1989 and Mid 1995 -- Poland's Exchange Rate Policy in the 1990s -- An Evaluation of Optimal Currency Areas for the Commonwealth of Independent States
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