Evidence-Based Surgery

Evidence-Based Surgery

A Guide to Understanding and Interpreting the Surgical Literature

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History of Evidence-Based Surgery (EBS).- The Steps of Practicing Evidence-Based Surgery (EBS).- Developing a Surgical Clinical Research Question: To Find the Answer in Literature Search or in Pursuing Clinical Research.- Finding the Evidence Through Searching the Literature.- Hierarchy of Evidence in Surgical Research.- Evaluating Surgical Interventions.- A Primer on Outcome Measures for Surgical Interventions.- Patient Important Outcome Measures in Surgical Care.- Surrogate Endpoints.- How to asses an Article that Deals with health-Related Quality of Life.- Randomized Controlled Trial Comparing Surgical Interventions.- How to Assess a Pilot Trial in Surgery.- Non-Inferiority Randomized Controlled Trials.- Expertise-Based Randomized Controlled Trials.- The Surgeon's Guide to Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.- Prospective and Retrospective Cohort Studies.- Case-Control Studies.- Evaluating Case Series in Surgery.- Quality Improvement and Patient Safety in Surgery.- Diagnostic Studies in Surgery.- How to Assess a Prognostic Study.- Decision Analysis and Surgery.- Economic Evaluations in Surgery.- Studies Reporting Harm in Surgery.- Evaluating Surveys and Questionnaires in Surgical Research.- Opinion Pieces in Surgery.- Simple Statistical Tests and P Values.- Confidence Intervals.- Power and Sample Size.- Subgroup Analyses in Surgery.- Introduction to Clinical Practice Guidelines.
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