European Union Law

European Union Law

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1: Introduction 2: The constitutional base of the Union 3: The institutions of the Union 4: The European Courts: composition, functions, jurisdiction; preliminary rulings 5: The Union legal system 6: General principles of law and the Charter of Fundamental Rights 7: Doctrines of European Union law: direct effect, supremacy, state liability for breach of Union law and other remedies 8: Public enforcement of Union law (Articles 258-260 TFEU); review of legality and damages (Articles 263, 265, 268, 277 and 340(2) TFEU) 9: Free movement of goods (I): the abolition of customs duties and internal taxation 10: Free movement of goods (II): quantitative restrictions and measures having equivalent effect 11: Free movement of services: the freedom to provide and receive services 12: Citizenship and free movement of persons: workers and establishment 13: Citizenship and free movement rights: beyond economic links 14: Competition law and policy 15: Environmental law and policy 16: Discrimination law: from sex discrimination in employment law to a general equality principle
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