European Spatial Planning and Territorial Cooperation

European Spatial Planning and Territorial Cooperation

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Part I. Introducing the European dimension of spatial planning 1. Introducing the European Union as a planning subject 2. Introducing planning from a European perspective 3. The language challenge and terminology Part II. A changing European territory: the context for European spatial planning 4. Spatial development trends in Europe and the key issues for spatial planning 5. Understanding and representing European space 6. The 'evidence base' for spatial planning: spatial data and spatial information in and for Europe Part III. The institutional framework for European Union spatial policy making 7. European integration and the European Union as a political system 8. The institutions of the European Union and their role in spatial policy processes 9. Non-EU actors, organisations and networks and their relevance for spatial policy processes 10. Policy and decision-making procedures in the European Union 11. The EU and other tiers of governments: understanding multi-level governance and policy-making in Europe 12. Widening, deepening, and broadening the EU: past experiences and future prospects Part IV. EU spatial policy: sectoral policies and their territorial effects 13. EU economic and competition policies 14. EU Cohesion Policy: regional and urban policy 15. EU transport policy 16. EU Agricultural and rural development policy 17. EU environmental policy 18. EU Climate change and energy policies 19. Other EU sector policies of relevance to spatial planning Part V. The European spatial planning agenda 20. The evolution of the European spatial planning agenda 21. The instruments of European spatial planning (i): spatial strategies, spatial visions and the quest for spatial coordination Part VI. The Europeanisation of spatial planning 22. The instruments of European spatial planning (ii): transboundary territorial cooperation programmes and projects 23. Conceptualising the transformation of planning systems in Europe 24. The Europeanisation of domestic planning systems 25. Looking back and looking forward: a critical reflection on European spatial planning as practice and as a field of research
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