Europe's Welfare Traditions Since 1500

Europe's Welfare Traditions Since 1500

Reform Without End

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Volume I - 1500-1700 List of Illustrations Introduction Part 1 - Threshold of Modernity (to 1540) 1. Organizing Mercy in Southern Europe 2. Urban Charity and Humanism 3. Blueprints for Relief to the Deserving 4. The Passion for Reformation Part 2 - Discipline (1540 - 1700) 5. Charity in the Cauldron of Religious Conflict 6. Confronting Misery and War in France 7. The Paris Hopital General and its Offshoots 8. Elizabeth 43: The Making of the Old English Poor Law 9. Foundlings, Orphans, and Apprentices Conclusion Bibliography Index Volume II: 1700-2000 List of Illustrations Introduction Part 3 - 'The Grumbling Hive' (1700 - 1850) 10. France from Enlightenment to Revolution 11. A Social Republic Lost but not Forgotten 12. Poverty and Political Economy: England and Scotland 13. An Evolving Landscape for Welfare in German Lands 14. Reform from Above: Munich to Naples - How Enlightened? 15. Remodelling the Hive? Part 4 - Intertwined Trajectories: The European Social Model(s) (1850 - 2000) 16. From Social Insurance to Sozialstaat: From Bismarck to Merkel 17. Britain and the Five Giants 18. France: A Second Empire and Three Republics 19. Star(s) in the North 20. 'Fire in the Ashes': Aspirations for Post War Europe 21. European Social Policy: Coordination if not Unity Conclusion Bibliography Index
poverty; poor; society; social history; aid; European history; work; social welfare; beneficence; European social model; social policy; political economy; citizenship; welfare state; activist; reform; authority; productivity; Britain; Germany; France; Portugal; Belgium; institution; European Union; political history; grumbling hive