Equestrian Cultures in Global and Local Contexts

Equestrian Cultures in Global and Local Contexts


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Chapter 1. Introduction: Beasts and Beauties of Proliferating Burdens & Benefits in Local and Global arenas Miriam Adelman and Kirrilly Thompson.- Part 1. Gender.- Chapter 2. The Impact on Horse Keeping Practices Wrought by the Feminization of the Leisure Horse Sector: An Australia Study with Global Significance; Sandra Burr/Australia. Chapter 3. Men Riding Horses. Rethinking a Cowboy Tradition in Northwest Mexico; Oscar Hernandez-Hernandez/Mexico.- Chapter 4. Women Riders in the Moroccan Fantasia; Abderrahim Bourkia/Morocco.- Chapter 5. Sidesaddle Spins, 'Escaramuzas Charras' and their Horses: Mexican Horsewomen in the Gender Machine; Ana Cristina Ramirez Barreto.- Chapter 6. Gender and Equestrian Activities: Women and Horse Riding in Iranian History; Ladan Rabari.- Chapter 7. Global Equestrian Trends in Local Context: Where Are All the Women in Doma Vaquera Competitions in Southern Spain?; Kirrily Thompson. Part 2. Work, Industry and Markets.- Chapter 8. Making Sense of the New Equine Industry: Case Finland; Nora Brandt, Kjell Andersson and Erland Eklund.- Chapter 9. Ground Zero": Notes on the New Chinese Leisure Horse Industry; Susanna Forrest.- Chapter 10. Seu Lazer e Meu Trabalho! Stable Workers in Brazil: Experiences, Skills and Labor Conditions; Miriam Adelman and Tiemi Costa.- Chapter 11. The Aging of Canadian Equestrian Sport; James Gillett and Darla Nichiporuk.- Chapter 12. Socio-Cultural Changes in Canadian Equestrian Sport; Michelle Gilbert.- Part 3. Cultures and Identities.- Chapter 13. Can Traditional Equestrian Cultures be Regenerated through Leisure? The Case of France; Sylvine Pickle-Chevalier.- Chapter 14. Fantasia: Traditional Equestrianism as Heritage Tourism in Morocco; Gwyneth Talley.- Chapter 15. National Treasure: Nationalistic Representations of the Finnhorse in Trotting Championships; Karen Dalke and Riitta-Marja Leinonen.- Chapter 16. The Transnational Image of the Spanish Horse in Leisure Horse Trade; Nora Schuurman.- Chapter 17. Horse-Riding(s): Forms of Practice and Social Representations in France; Patrice Regnier.- Chapter 18. Horses and Horsemanship in Poland: An Overview; Marek W. Kozak.- Chapter 19. Race Politics; Sandra Swart.- Epilogue.- Chapter 20. Furthering the Agenda for Research on the Humans and Animals in Eque-Cultures; Kirrilly Thompson and Miriam Adelman.
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