Engineering Asia

Engineering Asia

Technology, Colonial Development, and the Cold War Order

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1. Introduction: A Kula Ring for the Flying Geese: Japan's Technology Aid and Postwar Asia, Hiromi Mizuno (University of Minnesota, USA) Part 1: Engineering Asia at Home - Japan's Institutional Infrastructure for Asian Development 2. Tokyo's Vision of Southeast Asia: Private Interests and Economic Cooperation in the 1950s, Jin Sato (University of Tokyo, Japan) 3. Itagaki Yoichi and the Formation of the Postwar Knowledge Infrastructure for Japan's Overseas Development Assistance in Asia, Masato Karashima (Kobe University, Japan) Part 2: Engineering Asia on the Ground 4. From 'Constructing' to 'Developing' Asia: Japanese Engineers and the Formation of the Post-Colonial, Cold War Discourse of Development in Asia, Aaron S Moore (Arizona State University, USA) 5. The Hydrocarbon Ring: Indonesian Fossil Fuel, "Japanese Cooperation," and American Neo-Imperialism, 1941-1975, Eric Dinmore (Hampden-Sydney College, USA) 6. Colonial Seeds and Imperialist Genes: Japanese Colonial Agricultural Development and the Cold-War Green Revolution, Tatsushi Fujihara (Kyoto University, Japan) Part 3: South Korea - Engineering Asia as a Developing Nation 7. Postcolonial Desire and the Tripartite Alliance in East Asia: the Hybrid Origins of a Modern Scientific and Technological System in South Korea, Manyong Moon, (Chonbuk National University, South Korea) 8. Making Miracle Rice: Tongil and Mobilizing a Domestic "Green Revolution" in South Korea, Tae-ho Kim, (Chonbuk National University, South Korea) 9. In Pursuit of "Peace and Construction": Hyundai Construction and Infrastructure in Southeast Asia, 1965-1973, John P DiMoia, (Seoul National University, South Korea)
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