Engaging Superdiversity

Engaging Superdiversity

Recombining Spaces, Times and Language Practices

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Contributors Introduction 1. Karel Arnaut, Martha Sif Karrebaek and Massimiliano Spotti: Engaging Superdiversity: The Poiesis-Infrastructure Nexus and Language Practices in Combinatorial Spaces 2. Piia Varis: Superdiverse Times and Places: Media, Mobility, Conjunctures and Structures of Feeling 3. Jan Blommaert: Chronotopes, Scales and Complexity in the Study of Language in Society Classrooms and Schools 4. Robert Moore: 'Taking Up Speech' In an Endangered Language: Bilingual Discourse in A Heritage Language Classroom 5. Martha Sif Karrebaek: Rye Bread For Lunch, Lasagne for Breakfast: Enregisterment, Classrooms, and National Food Norms in Superdiversity Youth, etc. 6. Janus Spindler Moller: 'You Black Black': Polycentric Norms for the Use of Terms Associated With Ethnicity 7. Lian Malai Madsen: Social Status Relations and Enregisterment: Integrated Speech in Copenhagen 8. Andreas Staehr: Languaging and Normativity on Facebook Mercantile Spaces 9. Cecile Vigouroux: Magic Marketing: Performing Grassroots Literacy 10. Johanna Woydack: Superdiversity and a London Multilingual Call Centre Nation-states 11. Zane Goebel: Superdiversity From Within: The Case of Ethnicity in Indonesia 12. Lu Jiqun Luke: 'Designer Immigrant' Students in Singapore: Challenges for Linguistic Human Rights in a Globalising World 13. Kamran Khan: Citizenship, Securitization and Suspicion in UK ESOL Policy Index
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