Energetic Materials

Energetic Materials

From Cradle to Grave

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Historical Account of Energetic Materials - Past, Present and Future.- Munitions Safety and Modern Approach.- Synthesis of Energetic Materials.-Bottom Up and Top Down Approaches to Assessment and Decision Support for Energetic Materials.- Design of Energetics and Munitions for Demilitarization.-Scaling of Energetic Compounds - From Laboratory to Industry.- Quantum Mechanical Calculations of Structures and Properties of Energetic Compounds.- Multiscale Modeling of Energetic materials.- Nanoenergetic - Present and Future Direction.- Energetic Properties of High Performance Energetic Material System.- High Pressure Phenomena in Energetic Materials.- Life-Cycle Analysis of Energetic Compounds.- Environmental Consequences of Energetic Compounds.- Fate and Transport of Energetic Materials Release and Exposure of Energetic Compounds.- Energetic Material Induced Environmental Toxicity.- QSAR Approach Predicting Environmental Toxicity of Explosive Compounds.- Hydrolysis of Explosive Compounds.- Photodegradation of Explosive Compounds.- Environmental Remediation of Contamination due to Energetic Compounds.
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