Empirical Studies on Economics of Innovation, Public Economics and Management

Empirical Studies on Economics of Innovation, Public Economics and Management

Proceedings of the 18th Eurasia Business and Economics Society Conference

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Accounting and Finance: Islamic Bonds and Real Estate Securitizations: The Italian Perspective for Issuing a Sukuk.- The Role and Impact of Performance and Audit in Public Governance in Public Governance.- Business Performance Assessment in the Customs Administrations Activity and Trade Facilitation Measures.- The Determinants of Lending to Customers: Evidence from Italy Between 2008 and 2012.- Possibilities of Exotic Options Application in the Pro-Ecological Investments Efficiency Assessment.- Weather Derivatives: Another Need for India.- Economics of Innovation: Global Competitiveness of World Superpowers: Education, Talents and Innovations.- Energy Security: Is It a Strategic Cause of Conflicts or Peace Among States/Actors in the Global Nexus?.- The Organizational Cyberspace - E-Trainerism. The Model of Advanced ICT and Augmented Reality in Sports Enterprises.- Management and Marketing: Unexpected Industries With Consumer Power.- Brand Meanings in the Context of Luxury Fashion: A Projective Study in China.- Environmental Decision Support Systems: A Literature Review.- Are You Really Influencing Your Customers? - A Black-Friday Analysis.- Growth and Development: Institutional Clusters and FDI Flows to the MENA Region.- TFP and Possibility of Convergence in OECD Countries: The 2000 - 2012.- Estimating the Value of the Honolulu Rail Transit Project: A Semiparametric Analysis of Property Values on Oahu, HI.- Public Economics: Solving the Cost Crisis in Healthcare - Can Poland Learn from the Kaplan and Porter's Model?.- The Efficiency of the Low Water Retention in the Area of Poland - Chosen Aspects.- The Management and Economics of a Life-Threatening Invasive Species in Hawaii.- The Change of Structures or Institutions? Views on the Methods for the Elimination of Territorial Division Dysfunctions.- The Effect of Employment Status on Life Satisfaction in Europe.- Promoting Green Urbanism and Disaster Resilience in the Anthropocene: From Invasive to Community in Kakaako, Oahu.- Econometric Estimation of the Quality and the Efficiency of Social Services for Children Deprived of Parental Care.
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