Emergency Surgery for Low Resource Regions

Emergency Surgery for Low Resource Regions

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1 Changing face of acute surgery and increasing disparity between developed and developing countries.- 2 Minimum requirements for an acute surgical facility.- 3 Organisation of surgical systems.- 4 rational use of antibiotics.- 5 Pain management.- 6 The acute abdomen - an overall synopsis.- 7 Upper and lower gastrointestinal bleeding.- 8 Perianal conditions.- 9 Oncological issues that require acute intervention.- 10 Abdominal wall problems.- 11 Breast.- 12 Skin and soft tissue.- 13 Urological emergencies.- 14 Neck swellings.- 15 ENT emergencies.- 16 Trauma primary surveys.- 17 Trauma secondary surveys.- 18 Trauma tertiary surveys.- 19 trauma resuscitation and multidisciplinary care.- 20 acute burns management.
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