Emergency Neuro-ophthalmology

Emergency Neuro-ophthalmology

Rapid Case Demonstration

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Part I: Acute visual loss.- Chapter 1: Acute optic neuritis.- Chapter 2: Non-arteritic AION.- Chapter 3: Leukemic optic neuropathy (infiltration).- Chapter 4: Luetic optic neuritis (infection).- Chapter 5: Methanol-related optic neuropathy.- Chapter 6: Traumatic optic neuropathy.- Chapter 7: LHON.- Chapter 8: DOA.- Chapter 9.- Optic glioma.- Chapter 10: Optic nerve sheath meningioma.- Chapter 11: Ethambutol optic neuropathy.- Chapter 12: Amiodarone-related optic neuropathy.- Chapter 13: White dot syndrome.- Chapter 14: VKH.- Part II: Transient visual loss.- Chapter 15: Papilledema with tumor.- Chapter 16: Pseudotumor cerebri with sinus thrombosis.- Part III: Cortical visual loss.- Chapter 17: Occipital infarction.- Chapter 18: Occipital lobe tumor.- Chapter 19: Sturge Weber syndrome.- Chapter 20: ADEM.- Chapter 21: MELAS.- Chapter 22: CO intoxication.- Chapter 23: X-linked aderenoleukodystrophy.- Part IV.- Red eye proptosis.- Chapter 24: CCF, direct.- Chapter 25: CCF, indirect.- Chapter 26: Orbital pseudotumor.- Chapter 27: Tolosa-Hunt syndrome.- Chapter 28: thyroid associated optic neuropathy.- Part V: Diplopia.- Chapter 29: mucormycosis with frozen eye.- Chapter 30: NPC with abducens palsy.- Chapter 31: pCOM aneurysm with 3rd nerve palsy.- Chapter 32: MG with IO paresis.- Chapter 33: Acquired Brown syndrome.- Chapter 34: MS with INO.- Chapter 35: Wernicke encephalopathy.- Chapter 36: Miller Fisher syndrome.- Chapter 37: Horizontal gaze palsy by MG.- Chapter 38: Horizontal gaze palsy by brainstem hemo.- Chapter 39: ocular bobbing.- Chapter 40: Upgaze palsy: pineal germinoma.- Part VI: Bitemporal Hemianopia.- Chapter 41: Pituitary tumor.- Chapter 42: Craniopharyngioma.- Chapter 43: Optic chiasmal glioma.- Chapter 44: Germinoma.- Chapter 45: Tuberculum sella meningioma.- Chapter 46: Cavernous sinus meningioma.- Chapter 47: Cavernous sinus thrombosis.- Chapter 48: Cavernous T cell lymphoma.- Chapter 49: Cavernous sinus schwannoma.- Part VII: Large pupil.- Chapter 50: Pineal tumor with Parinaud's syndrome.- Part VIII: cognition.- Chapter 51: Prosopagnosia, cerebral achromatopsia.- Chapter 52: Alice in wonderland syndrome.- Part IX: Challenging cases.- Chapter 53: Functional visual loss.- Chapter 54: Unexplained visual loss.- Chapter 55: Sarcoidosis.- Chapter 56:Fabry disease.- Chapter 57:Lymphoplasmocytic lymphoma
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