Economic and Financial Challenges for Eastern Europe

Economic and Financial Challenges for Eastern Europe

Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on the Economies of the Balkan and Eastern European Countries in the Changing World (EBEEC) in Athens, Greece, 2017

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Financial Crisis and Brain Drain: An Investigation of the Emigration Intentions of Greek Scientists.- Complexity in a Bertrand Duopoly Game with Heterogeneous Players and Differentiated Goods.- A Performance Measurement System for Staff of the Logistics Section - A Case Study for an Oil & Gas Company.- Banks' Income Smoothing in the Basel Period - Evidence from European Union.- Evaluating Consumer Perception and Expectations and Assessing the Service Quality Gap in Greek Banking in a Period of Finical Crisis and Capital Controls.- The Role of Tertiary Education in Regional Development in Greece.- The Importance of Trade with the Balkan Countries for Turkey.- Barriers in the Calculation of Residual Income in Slovak Companies.- Social Choice and Multicriterion Decision-Making: Decision Modeling Career of Students in Secondary Education Using Multi-Criteria Analysis.- Greek Banks Abroad: A Historic Examination.- Corporate Financial Modelling Using Quantitative Methods.- Using Principal Component Analysis in Assessing Client's Creditworthiness.- The Way Out From Public Sector's Labyrinth of Inefficiency? Alternative Governance Performance and Prospects in Greece.- Competitiveness of the Greek Economy: Before and After the Crisis.- Development of an Insurance Market in "Pigs" Countries After the Crisis.- Usage Evaluation Through Data Analysis of the Greek Tax Information System.- Urban Development.- The Impact of Communication Quality, Partner Complementarity and Foreign Partner's Cultural Sensitivity on Inter-Partner Trust in Isas.- Digital Practices of Greek Small Entrepreneurship: Social Media and Self-Employment.- The Conversion of ank Deferred Tax Assets in 2016 to Bank Shares in 2017.- Quality Assurance in Education: An Inquiry Into Transformational School Leadership.- The Impact of the Destination Image of Greece on Tourists' Behavioral Intentions.- A Differential Equations Analysis of Stock Prices.- Cash Conversion Cycle and Firms Performance. Empirical Study for the Greek Listed Firms in Athens Stock Exchange.- Creativity Development and Educational Expenditures - An Exploratory Study.- Professors and Graduates at Greek Universities.- The Three Paradigms of Social Organization.- Prospective Employee Attitudes Towards Public and Private Sector Employment - A Comparison Study of a Belgian and Two Greek University Student Groups.- Aspirin Methodics of Business-Planning.- Exploring Irrigation Water Issue Through Quantitative Swot Analysis: The Case of Nestos River Basin.- How Do Mosquitoes Affect Tourism Enterprises in Greece?.- The Relationship Between Efficiency Measures and Environmental Pollution: An Empirical Study.- Exploring the Teaching Quality of Greek Accounting Studies.- Corporate Governance: A Comparative Analysis of the Accounts of the Telephone Companies Cosmote, Vodafone and Wind.- A Quantitative Analysis About Optimization of Number of Employees and Rebalancing Workload.- The Effects of the Reformed CAP to the Local Economy, In Rural Areas.
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Macroeconomics;European Integration;Monetary Economics;Political Economy;Accounting;Finance;Southeastern Europe;Management;Education