EU Citizenship and Federalism

EU Citizenship and Federalism

The Role of Rights

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1. Introduction: on tiles and pillars: EU citizenship as a federal denominator Dimitry Kochenov; Part I. Citizenship within the EU Federal Context: 2. The origins and the potential federalising effects of the substance of rights test Martijn van den Brink; 3. Some reflections on Member State nationality: a prerequisite of EU citizenship and an obstacle to its enjoyment Maciej Szpunar and Maria Esther Blas Lopez; 4. The European federalisation process and the dynamics of fundamental rights Jose Luis da Cruz Vilaca and Alessandra Silveira; 5. Recasting EU citizenship as federal citizenship: what are the implications for the citizen when the polity bargain is privileged? Niamh Nic Shuibhne; 6. Transfiguring European citizenship: from Member State territory to Union Territory Loic Azoulai; 7. Earned citizenship - understanding Union citizenship through its scope Eleanor Spaventa; 8. European citizenship and its new union: time to move on? Daniel Sarmiento and Eleanor Sharpston; 9. Going home? 'European' citizenship practice twenty years after Antje Wiener; Part II. EU Citizenship Rights and the Vertical Division of Powers in the EU: 10. The political side of EU citizenship in the context of EU federalism Federico Fabbrini; 11. Reframing public health governance: from risk to citizenship and participation Mark L. Flear; 12. The federal implications of the transformation of the market freedoms into sources of fundamental rights for the Union citizen Alina Tryfonidou; 13. Perspectives on social citizenship in the EU - from status positivus to status socialis activus via two forms of transnational solidarity Dagmar Schiek; 14. A citizenship right to stay? The right not to move in a Union based on free movement Sara Iglesias Sanchez; 15. 'Scelestus europeus sum': what protection against expulsion EU citizenship offers to European offenders? Michal Meduna; 16. EU sexual citizenship: sex beyond the internal market Uladzislau Belavusau; 17. EU citizenship and the European federal challenge through the prism of family reunification Stanislas Adam and Peter Van Elsuwege; 18. The right to stay at home: a basis for expanding European family rights Gareth Davies; 19. EU citizenship and the right to care Nathan Cambien; 20. Union citizenship and disability: restricted access to equality rights and the attitudinal model of disability Charlotte O'Brien; 21. Data privacy rights and citizenship: notes on federalism all the way up Bilyana Petkova; 22. The federal imbedding of citizens in the European Union Member States' criminal law, or how EU citizenship is shaping criminal law Hanneke van Eijken and Tony P. Marguery; 23. The right of EU citizens to diplomatic and consular protection: a step toward recognition of EU citizenship in third countries? Patrizia Vigni; Part III. Broader Implications and Limitations: 24. Individual rights, interstate equality, State autonomy: European horizontal citizenship and its (lonely) playground from a trans-Atlantic perspective Francesca Strumia; 25. EU citizenship and fundamental rights: contradictory, converging, or complementary? Dominik Dusterhaus; 26. Reverse Solange - Union citizenship as a detour on the route to European rights protection against national infringements Johanna Croon-Gestefeld; 27. Union citizenship re-imagined: the scope of intervention of EU institutions Joze Strus; 28. Frontiers of EU citizenship. Three trajectories and their methodological limitations Daniel Thym; 29. EU citizenship and its relevance for EU exit and secession Phoebus L. Athanassiou and Stephanie Laulhe Shaelou; 30. Epilogue on EU citizenship: hopes and fears Koen Lenaerts and Jose A. Gutierrez-Fons.
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