Don Pigozzi on Abstract Algebraic Logic, Universal Algebra, and Computer Science

Don Pigozzi on Abstract Algebraic Logic, Universal Algebra, and Computer Science

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A Mathematical Life; Pigozzi, Don.- Assertional logics, truth-equational logics, and the hierarchiesof abstract algebraic logic; Albuquerque, Hugo, Font, Josep Maria, Jansana, Ramon, and Moraschini, Tommaso.- Deduction-Detachment Theorem and Gentzen-Style Deductive Systems; Babenyshev, Sergey.- Introducing Boolean Semilattices; Bergman, Clifford.- The Equationally-Defined Commutator in Quasivarieties Generated by Two-Element Algebras; Czelakowski, Janusz.- A short overview of Hidden Logic; Ferreirim, Isabel and Martins, Manuel A.- Absorption and directed Jonsson terms; Kazda, Alexandr, Kozik, Marcin, McKenzie, Ralph and Moore, Matthew.- Relatively congruence modular quasivarieties of modules; Kearnes, Keith A. - The computational complexity of deciding whether a finite algebra generates a minimal variety; McNulty, George F.- Characterization of protoalgebraic k-deductive systems; Palasinska; Katarzyna.- Diagrammatic duality; Romanowska, Anna B. and Smith, Jonathan D.H.- Boolean product representations of algebras via binary polynomials; Salibra, Antonino, Ledda, Antonio, and Paoli, Francesco.- Paraconsistent constructive logic with strong negation as a contraction-free relevant logic; Spinks, Matthew and Veroff, Robert.- Possible classification of finite-dimensional compact Hausdorfftopological algebras; Taylor, Walter.- Categorical Abstract Algebraic Logic: Compatibility Operators and Correspondence Theorems; Voutsadakis; George.
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Hierarchies of Abstract Algebraic Logic;Deduction-Detachment Theorem and Gentzen-Style Deductive Systems;Boolean Semilattices;Equationally-Defined Commutator in Quasivarieties;Hidden Logic;Absorption and Directed Jonsson Terms;Congruence Modular Quasivarieties of Modules;Finite Algebra Generates A Minimal Variety;Protoalgebraic K-deductive Systems;Diagrammatic Duality;Boolean Product Representations of Algebras;Paraconsistent Constructive Logic with Strong Negation;Finite-dimensional Compact Hausdorff Topological Algebras;Categorical Abstract Algebraic Logic