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Don DeLillo

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Series Editors' Preface Acknowledgements Contributors Chronology of Don DeLillo's Life Introduction: A Trick of the Light: Don DeLillo in the 21st Century Katherine Da Cunha Lewin (University of Sussex, UK) & Kiron Ward (University of East Anglia, UK) 1. 'I'm sure you must be somebody': White Masculinity in Don DeLillo's Americana and White Noise Tim Engles (Eastern Illinois University, USA) 2. Apocalyptism, Environmentalism and the Other in Don DeLillo's End Zone, Great Jones Street and Ratner's Star Katherine Da Cunha Lewin (University of Sussex, UK) 3. Libranth: Nicholas Branch's Joycean Labyrinth in Don DeLillo's Libra Graley Herren (Xavier University, USA) 4. Unstable Bodies in Don DeLillo's Mao II and The Body Artist Rebecca Harding (University of Sussex, UK) 5. 'We came for the dirt but stayed for the talk': Don DeLillo's Theatre Mark Osteen (Loyola University Maryland, USA) 6. Don DeLillo's Italian American: The Early Short Stories and Underworld Maria Lauret (University of Sussex, UK) 7. Staging the Counter-Narrative in Don DeLillo's Falling Man Ronan McKinney (University of Sussex, UK) 8. The Art of Being Out of Time in Don DeLillo's Point Omega Catherine Gander (Maynooth University, Ireland) 9. Don DeLillo's Zero K and the Dream of the Cryonic Election David Cowart (University of South Carolina, USA) Interview: The Edge of the Future: A Discussion with Don DeLillo Peter Boxall (University of Sussex, UK) Further Reading Index
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