Diversion in Youth Justice

Diversion in Youth Justice

What Can We Learn from Historical and Contemporary Practices?

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Introduction 1. Theorising Youth Diversion 2. The Origins and Emergence of Diversion 3. Diversion: Development and Doubt 4. Diversion Renewed 5. Diversion, Dangerousness and the 'Risky Child' 6. Another 'U' Turn? Diversion and Community Justice 7. Modelling Diversion 8. Diversion and Youth Justice: Meanings and Possibilities References Index
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Criminal Justice Policy; Juvenile Delinquency; Juvenile Justice; Youth Justice; Juvenile Liaison; Diversionary Practice; Juvenile Liaison Bureaux; Youth Offending Teams; Youth Diversion; Juvenile Liaison Schemes; Youth Justice Board; Youth Justice System; Youth Offending; Court Disposals; Time Entrants; Youth Restorative Disposal; Molony Committee; Cautioning Rates; Juvenile Bureaux; Youth Offending Services; Restorative Justice; Final Warnings; Hm Government; Doli Incapax; Juvenile Cautioning; Criminal Policy Research; Ingleby Committee; JLO