Global Conversations on Refuge


Manchester University Press







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List of figures List of contributors Preface: the political geography and moral economy of asylum - Didier Fassin Introduction: global conversations on refuge - Silvia Pasquetti and Romola Sanyal Part I: Experiments of categorizing and control 1 Creating proper subjects: the politics of Hmong refugee resettlement in the United States - Chia Youyee Vang 2 'Niche openings' and compassionate exclusions: the UK's response to children during the refugee crisis - Ala Sirriyeh 3 The banality of displacement: re-reading Hannah Arendt to instil critical thought in the Colombian refugee crisis - Ulrich Oslender 4 Refugees welcome? The politics of repatriation and return in a global era of security. Case study: the Rohingya in Bangladesh - Tazreena Sajjad Part II: Inhabiting displacement and crafting futures 5 At sea: maritime Palestine displaced - Diana Allan 6 Privatized housing and never ending displacement: the temporality of dwelling for displaced Georgians - Catherine Brun and Ragne Owre Thorshaug 7 Voice through exit: Syrian refugees at the borders of Europe and the struggle to choose where to live - Chiara Denaro 8 The global refugee camp: coinciding locales of refuge among Sahrawi refugees in North Africa - Konstantina Isidoros Part III: Scales of intervention 9 Out-sourcing refuge: distance, deferral, and immunity in the urban governance of refugees - Jonathan Darling 10 Visibilising suffering or stealth humanitarianism? The perils of promoting durable protection in cities of the south - Caroline Wanjiku Kihato and Loren B Landau 11 Onward pushes and negotiated refuge: theorizing the fluid national and urban regimes of forced migration in Southeast Asia - Pei Palmgren -- .
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