Discover Your Emotional Intelligence

Discover Your Emotional Intelligence

Holder, Philip

Pearson Education Limited






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Part 1: What is Emotional Intelligence? 1. Making Sense of Emotional Intelligence 2. Assessing Your EI Profile Part 2: Your Emotional Intelligence Masterclass 3. Improving Your Self-Mastery 4. Enhancing Your overall Disposition 5. Increasing Your Self-Management 6. Strengthen Your Ability to Influence People 7. Boost Your Stakeholder Relationships 8. Upgrade Your People Development Capability 9. Enrich Your Empathy with Others 10. Deepen Your Credibility 11. Elevate Your Communication Skills 12. Boost Your Teams Dynamic 13. Refine Your Leadership Capability 14. Revitalise Your Approach to Change 15. Collaborate with Others More Effectively 16. Improve Your Innovation Skills
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