Diplomacy and the Modern Novel

Diplomacy and the Modern Novel

France, Britain, and the Mission of Literature


University of Toronto Press






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Acknowledgments The Mission of Literature: Modern Novels and Diplomacy Allan Hepburn, McGill University Part One: Diplomatic Experience 1. Making a Song and Dance of It: Staging Diplomacy in William Gerhardi's Early Novels Claire Davison, Universite Sorbonne Nouvelle 2. The League of Nations as Seen by Albert Cohen: A User's Guide to Social Magic Maxime Decout, Universite de Lille 3. Modern Negotiations: Harold Nicolson's Peacemaking 1919 and Public Faces Caroline Z. Krzakowski, Northern Michigan University Part Two: Novels and Diplomacy 4. Diplomatic Dispatch Style: Towards a New Aesthetic of the Novel Isabelle Daunais, McGill University 5. Conrad's Politics of Idealism: Diplomacy without Diplomats Stephen Ross, University of Victoria 6. Andre Gide and the Art of Evasion Michel Biron, McGill University Part Three: Documents 7. Proust's Epistolary Diplomacy: Antoine Bibesco, Rene Peter, and "Salaisme" Francois Proulx, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 8. The Art of Conversation: Nancy Mitford, France, and Cultural Diplomacy Allan Hepburn, McGill University Part Four: Foreign Affairs 9. Action, Diplomacy, Art: Andre Malraux and Graham Greene Robert L. Caserio, Pennsylvania State University 10. Mythography and Diplomacy in Works by Ian Fleming and John le Carre Maxime Prevost, University of Ottawa 11. Lawrence Durrell: Diplomacy as Farce Maria DiBattista, Princeton University Works Cited Contributors Index
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Modernism;diplomacy;diplomats;novel;comedy;French-British relations;politics;international relations;Graham Greene;John le Carre;Nancy Mitford;Marcel Proust;spies in literature;Ian Fleming