Dimensions of Storytelling in German Literature - "For once, telling it all from the beginning"

Dimensions of Storytelling in German Literature - "For once, telling it all from the beginning"


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Introduction: The Social, Political, and Personal Dimensions of Storytelling - Kristy R. Boney and Jennifer Marston William PART I. ANNA SEGHERS: A MISSING PIECE IN THE CANON OF MODERNIST STORYTELLERS Anna Seghers in Heidelberg: The Formative Years - Christiane Zehl Romero Who Is the Narrator? Anna Seghers's "The Excursion of the Dead Girls": Narrative Mode and Cinematic Depiction - Peter Beicken Anna Seghers's Rubble Literature, 1947-49 - Ute Brandes Anna Seghers and the Struggle to Tell Stories about the Nazi Past in the Early German Democratic Republic - Stephen Brockmann Aufbauzeit or flaue Zeit? Anna Seghers's GDR Novels - Hunter Bivens The Time of Decision in Anna Seghers - Benjamin Robinson Filling the Void with Stories: Anna Seghers's Conceptual Metaphors - Jennifer Marston William PART II. EXPRESSIONS OF MODERNITY: USING STORYTELLING UNCONVENTIONALLY Storytelling and Telling Stories in Heine's Prose Fiction - Robert C. Holub Modernist Haze: Topographical Textures in Paul Klee and Franz Kafka - Kristy R. Boney Synthesis and Transtextuality: The Jewish Reinvention of Chinese Mythical Stories in "Shanghai Ghetto" - Weijia Li American Children Writing Yiddish: The Published Anthologies of the Chicago Sholem Aleichem Schools - Elizabeth Loentz A Literary Depiction of the Homeland of Jews in Czechoslovakia and East Germany after 1945 - Michaela Peroutkova Changed for the Better? Alternative Uses of the Transformative Cancer Trope in Thomas Mann's Die Betrogene and Nadine Gordimer's Get a Life - Kristen Hetrick PART III. THE PERSONAL NARRATIVE: STORYTELLING IN ACUTE HISTORICAL MOMENTS Problems and Effects of Autobiographical Storytelling: Als Pimpf in Polen: Erweiterte Kinderlandverschickung 1940-1945 (1993) and A Hitler Youth in Poland: The Nazis' Program for Evacuating Children during World War II (1998) - Jost Hermand Too Near, Too Far: My GDR Story - Marc Silberman Conflict without Resolution: Konrad Wolf and the Dilemma of Hatred - Andy Spencer "Bleibt noch ein Lied zu singen": Autobiographical and Cultural Memory in Christa Wolf's Novel Kindheitsmuster - Luke Springman Narrating Germany's Past: A Story of Exile and the Return Home-A Translation of the Chapter "Above the Lake" from Ursula Krechel's Novel Landgericht - Amy Kepple Strawser Storytelling in the GDR: An Interview with Eberhard Aurich and Christa Streiber-Aurich - Sylvia Fischer Notes on the Contributors
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