Diane di Prima

Diane di Prima

Visionary Poetics and the Hidden Religions

Bloomsbury Publishing Plc






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List of Figures Introduction 1. The Blood of the Poet, 1934-1952 2. Return to New York: From Ezra Pound to the I Ching, 1953-1960 3. Tell all the gods we're turning back to find them: From Dinners and Nightmares to Paracelsus, Alchemy and Tarot, 1961-1967 4. The Age of Aquarius and The Wolf: Revolutionary Letters, Monas Hieroglyphica, Loba, 1968-1979 5. The Hidden Religions, H.D., Angels, and Tibetan Buddhism, 1980-1992 6. Speech of the Heart, Poet Laureate of San Francisco, 1993 to the Present Notes University Library of Diane de Prima's Work Bibliography Index
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