Diana: Her Last Love

Diana: Her Last Love

Snell, Kate

Welbeck Publishing Group






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Foreword * Prologue * PART ONE - The Real Diana: 'I am unwanted' * 'I want to turn back' * The Unthinkable Happens * Home Alone * 'Just call me Diana' * 'I am destroyed, I am destroyed' * PART TWO: 'What can I do to help?' * 'Do you know Imran Khan?' * 'Maybe it's time!' * 'Isn't he drop dead gorgeous!' * 'Natty' * PART THREE: 'He's doing everything he tells his patients not to do!' * 'I'm sure we've met before' * 'I have finished my ironing. Would you like me to do yours?' * 'We should invite Ms. Bhutto for a special viewing!' * 'We are laughing ourselves silly over this' * 'I wouldn't be seen dead in virtually any of them!' * Caught between a rock and a hard place * PART FOUR: 'I want to marry Hasnat Khan;' 'Tell Dr. Hasnat to marry the Princess!' * 'Tell Hasnat I'm coming back' * Anatomy of a Kiss * 'Look here, I'm not for sale!' * The Rescue Mission * Her Last Love * The Funeral * Epilogue * Appendices: 1. Timeline; 2. Sources; 3. List of illustrations * Acknowledgements * Index.
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