Diagnostic Imaging for Thoracic Surgery

Diagnostic Imaging for Thoracic Surgery

A Manual for Surgeons and Radiologists


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Pre-operative and post-operative chest X-Ray.- Indications to The Use of Computed Tomography in Thoracic Pathologies.- PET Hybrid Imaging of the Thorax.- Chest MRI.- Interventional radiology procedures.- Normal radiologic anatomy and anatomical variants of the chest relevant to thoracic surgery.- Identification and characterization of lung nodules.- Staging of non-small-cell lung cancer.- Staging of Small Cell Lung Cancer.- Staging of Mesothelioma.- Imaging of non-neoplastic lung diseases requiring a surgical management.- Lung and Airways surgical procedures.- Imaging and staging of thymic tumors.- Imaging of Nonthymic Anterior Mediastinal Masses.- Imaging of non-neoplastic mediastinal pathologies.- Imaging and staging of esophageal tumors.- Imaging of non-neoplastic esophageal pathologies.- Imaging of chest wall tumors.- Imaging of non-neoplastic chest wall pathologies.- Imaging of post-surgical complications in the lung and mediastinum.
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