Designing Cultures of Care

Designing Cultures of Care

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List of Illustrations List of Contributors Acknowledgements Foreword Chapter 1: Introduction Laurene Vaughan Chapter 2: Framing Contemporary Cultures of Care Laurene Vaughan Chapter 3: Out(fit)ting the City: Care and Contribution in Post-industrial Newcastle, Australia Cathy Smith and SueAnne Ware Chapter 4: Data Visualisation as a Practice of Care: The Accessible Communication of Sentencing Principles and Data Brad Haylock Chapter 5: "...But It's the Ability to Imagine Something that Is Completely Different": Systems of Care, Service Design, and Self-determination Shana Agid Chapter 6: Developing a Design Brief within 'Models of Care': The Bendigo Hospital Psychiatric Unit Redevelopment Project Sarah Pink, Shanti Sumartojo and Laurene Vaughan Chapter 7: Design for Appreciation: Diverse Communication Practices in Communities of Care, Ageing and the Built Environment Rachel Clarke Chapter 8: Demented City and Objects: Empathic Tools between Magic and Everyday Life Niels Hendriks, Yanki Lee and Albert Tsang Chapter 9: Cities of Homefullness: A Proposition Neal Haslem, Keely Macarow, Guy Johnson, and Marcus Knutagard Chapter 10: Design for the Margins: The Uses of Strategic Design for the Future Life of Parramatta Girls Home Lily Hibberd Chapter 11: Nurturing Forth: Designing Careful Futures in a Small Arctic City Angeliki Dimaki-Adolfsen, Janike Kampevold Larsen, Andrew Morrison and Maria Bertheussen Skrydstrup Chapter 12: The Artwork Remembers: Designing a Methodology for Community-based Urban Design Charles Anderson, Chuan Khoo, Jordan Lacey and Ross McLeod Chapter 13: Seek: Its New Meaning for Conscious Cities Claire McAndrew and Itai Palti Chapter 14: Concerning Relations in the City: Designing Relational Services in Sharing Economies Cameron Tonkinwise Chapter 15: Stories of Care: Co-designing a City Laboratory of Bio-cultural Dialogue Noel Waite Chapter 16: Performing Practices of Care Mick Douglas and Laurene Vaughan
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