David Mitchell's Post-Secular World

David Mitchell's Post-Secular World

Buddhism, Belief and the Urgency of Compassion

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List of Illustrations Preface Acknowledgements David Mitchell's Fictional World: A Chronology Introducing David Mitchell's Fictional World Chapter 1: Enter the 'World-Machine': Navigating David Mitchell's Narrative Islands Chapter 2: 'Right yourself as best you may': Voicing Tragedy in David Mitchell's Libretti Chapter 3: 'Looking down time's telescope at myself': Reincarnation and Global Futures in David Mitchell's Fictional Worlds Chapter 4: 'What a sick zoo': Escaping the Panopticon in David Mitchell's Macronovel Chapter 5: 'Little things that speak of the big things': Towards a Mandalic Literature Appendix A: David Mitchell's UK Book Sales Appendix B: Tibetan Buddhist Mandala Sand Painting Appendix C: Enlarged Mandala Appendix D: Sand Mandala Construction Appendix E: Wake Act 2 Photograph Appendix F: Wheel of Life Mandala Appendix G: An Interview with David Mitchell, 2015 Appendix H: An Interview with David Mitchell, 2016 David Mitchell: Selected Critical Reading Works Cited Index
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