Daniel O'Connell, The British Press and The Irish Famine

Daniel O'Connell, The British Press and The Irish Famine

Killing Remarks

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Contents: Preface; Introduction; The Times, O'Connell and repeal " 1843; Punch, 'rint' and 'repale' " 1843; Traversers and priests " 1844-1845; 'The commissioner' " 1845; Imagining a famine/Imaginary famine " 1845; 'The battlefield of contending factions' " January to June, 1846; Parsing Pharaoh's dream " July to December 1846; 'A Transition of Great Difficulty' " January to March 1847; The death of Daniel O'Connell " May 1847; 'A conspiracy against life': June to December 1847; Charles Trevelyan and the 'great opportunity' " January 1848; The uprising at Boulagh " 1848; A dream of the future "1849; Conclusion; Bibliography; Index.
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