Damping Technologies for Tall Buildings

Damping Technologies for Tall Buildings

Theory, Design Guidance and Case Studies

Trabucco, Dario; Wood, Antony; Lago, Alberto

Elsevier - Health Sciences Division






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Part 1: Need for Supplementary Damping Devices in Tall Buildings 1. Effect of Damping on Building Response 2. Inherent Damping of Tall Buildings 3. Improved Resiliency Through damping 4. Wind-Excited Motion and Performance Objectives 5. Earthquake-Excited Motion and Performance Objectives 6. Practical and Economic Considerations 7. Damping System Sustainability 8. Alternative to Damping Devices Part 2: Introduction to Supplementary Damping Devices 9. Passive Damping Systems 10. Active, Semi-Active, and Hybrid Systems 11. Multiple Damping Strategies 12. Comparison of Dampers in Tall Buildings Part 3: Design Procedures of Buildings with Damping Devices 13. Available Codes and Design Tools 14. Passive Damping Systems 15. Active, Semi-Active and Hybrid Systems 16. Tall Building Retrofit 17. Damper Strategy Optimization Part 4: Building System Interaction 18. Architectural Appearance 19. Elevators 20. Mechanical Systems 21. Facade Part 5: Testing, Inspection and Maintenance 21. Pre Installation Tests 22. Commissioning and System Tuning 23. Fatigue of Dampers 24. Building Health Monitoring 25. Ongoing Maintenance 26. Post Extreme Event Inspections 27. Transportation, Construction and Care of Works 28. USRC Rating System Part 6: Case Studies 29. Distributed Damping Systems 30. Isolated Damping Systems Part 6: Future of Damped Systems 31. Wind Design 32. Seismic Design 33. Future Design Part 7: Conclusions 34. Trend Data for Tall Buildings with Damped Devices 35. Design Considerations 36. Design Optimization
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