Current Common Dilemmas in Colorectal Surgery

Current Common Dilemmas in Colorectal Surgery


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Preface - Christopher M. Schlachta and Patricia Sylla Section I: Perioperative preparation and care Chapter 1. To prep or not to prep - Nishit Shah Chapter 2. Practice Guidelines and Future Directions of Bowel Preparation: Science & History - Megan Turner, Zhifei Sun and John Migaly Chapter 3. Enhanced Recovery Pathways: Is it Laparoscopy or is it Everything Else? - Lawrence Lee and Liane S. Feldman Section II: Endoscopic approaches for colorectal neoplasia Chapter 4. Improving endoscopic detection of dysplasia in IBD: where do we stand? - Ryan C. Ungaro and James F. Marion Chapter 5. Management of Dysplasia in IBD - Shailja C. Shah, Joana Torres and Steven H. Itzkowitz Chapter 6. Beyond Piecemeal Polypectomy: EMR and ESD - Patrick Vincent Saitta, Krishna C. Gurram and Stavros N. Stavropoulos Chapter 7. Transanal Endoscopic Surgery (TES) - Susana Wu and Elisabeth C. McLemore Section III: Emergency bowel surgery Chapter 8. The 3 A.M. Laparoscopic Bowel Surgery-Selection, Preparation and Techniques - O. N. M. Panton Chapter 9. Fulminant Clostridium difficile colitis: Indications and extent of surgery - Nawar A. Alkhamesi Chapter 10. Fulminant Clostridium difficile colitis: Colon-preserving therapies - Maria Abou Khalil and Marylise Boutros Chapter 11. Perforated diverticulitis: Laparoscopic lavage and drainage - Morris E. Franklin, Jr. and Miguel A. Hernandez Moreno Chapter 12. Perforated diverticulitis: What are the options for resection? - Francois Letarte and Carl J. Brown Chapter 13. Perforated diverticulitis: When is interval resection really indicated? - Abe Fingerhut, Luigi Boni, Viktor Justin and Selman Uranues Section IV: Optimizing Surgical Management of Pelvic floor disorders Chapter 14. Utility of pelvic floor testing for clinical assessment of pelvic floor disorders - Julia Saraidaridis and Liliana Bordeianou Chapter 15. Rectal prolapse in the healthy patient: Is perineal approach ever indicated? - Skandan Shanmugan and Joshua I. S. Bleier Chapter 16. Rectal prolapse in the healthy patient: Which abdominal approach? - Peter Alexander Newman and Tony Dixon Chapter 17. Obstructed defecation: When is surgery indicated? - Maria Emilia Carvalho e Carvalho and Brooke H. Gurland Chapter 18. Fecal incontinence: Is sacral nerve stimulation always the answer? - Teresa C. Rice and Ian M. Paquette Section V: Optimizing outcomes in laparoscopic colorectal surgery Chapter 19. Is there still a role for hand assisted laparoscopic surgery (HALS)? - Nicholas Gerard Berger, Timothy J. Ridolfi and Kirk A. Ludwig Chapter 20. Intracorporeal anastomosis for right colon resection: Should this be the preferred method? - Barry Salky Chapter 21. Transrectal specimen extraction: Should this be catching on? - Albert M. Wolthuis Section VI: Parastomal Hernia Chapter 22. Parastomal Hernia: An Ounce of Prevention - Kristina L. Guyton and Neil H. Hyman Chapter 23. Parastomal Hernia: Optimal Strategies for Repair - Birgitta M. E. Hansson Section VII: Optimizing pelvic dissection for rectal cancer Chapter 24. Proctectomy for advanced rectal cancer: APE or ELAPE? - Torbjoern Holm Chapter 25. Transanal TME: Why go bottom-up! - Marta Penna and Roel Hompes Section XIII: Sphincter-preserving strategies for low rectal cancer Chapter 26. Management of low rectal cancer after complete clinical response - Angelita Habr-Gama, Guilherme Pagin Sao Juliao, Cecilia Beatriz Rossi, Bruna Borba Vailati and Rodrigo Oliva Perez Chapter 27. Optimizing function for very low rectal tumors: Intersphincteric resection or APR? - Srikanth Parsi, Jean Salem and John H. Marks Chapter 28. Optimal Coloanal Reconstruction: J pouch, Straight, Stapled, and Hand-Sewn - Andrea M. Petrucci and Steven D. Wexner Section IX: Optimizing TME outcomes Chapter 29. Short Course vs. Long Course Radiotherapy: Pros and cons - Nicolas D. Prionas, Albert C. Koong and Daniel T. Chang Chapter 30. Intersphincteric Resection: Perineal or Abdominal dissection first? - Paula Loughlin, Quentin Denost and Eric Rullier Chapter 31. Assessing anastomotic integrity and perfusion - Adam T. Stearns and John T. Jenkins Chapter 32. Laparoscopic TME: Is there a verdict? - James Fleshman and Katerina Wells
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