Cultures of Improvement in Scottish Romanticism, 1707-1840

Cultures of Improvement in Scottish Romanticism, 1707-1840


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Foreword Nicholas Phillipson Introduction: Mapping Cultures of Improvement in Scottish Romanticism Alex Benchimol and Gerard Lee McKeever Part I: Print, Progress and Politeness 1. Andrew Millar's 'Good Vouchers': The Malt Tax Crisis and Trade in Controversy Adam Budd 2. Let Scotland Flourish by the Printing of the Word: Commerce, Civic Enlightenment and National Improvement in the Glasgow Advertiser, 1783-1800 Alex Benchimol 3. 'Simplicity, Rightly Understood': Improvement in the Collaboration of Robert Burns and George Thomson Gerard Lee McKeever Part II: Literature, Land and Commerce 4. Thomas Pennant, National Description and the Project of Improvement Nigel Leask 5. The Problem of Slavery in the Age of Improvement: David Dale, Robert Owen and New Lanark Cotton Michael Morris 6. Pastoral Optimism at Improvement's Frontier: James Hogg's Highland Journeys Alex Deans 7. 'Earth and Stone': Improvement, Entailment and Geographical Futures in the Novel of the 1820s Penny Fielding Part III: Death, Legacy and Medicine 8. Reading John Anderson's Will: Improving Human Nature, Science and Scotland in a Commercial Society Tom Furniss 9. Medicine and Improvement in the Scots Magazine; and Edinburgh Literary Miscellany (1804-17) Megan Coyer 10. A Death in the Cottage: Spiritual and Economic Improvement in Romantic-Era Scottish Death Narratives Sarah Sharp Postscript: Varieties of Cultural Improvement in the Long Eighteenth Century Gerard Carruthers
Young Man;La Caille;Improvement's Inscription;Performative Complexity;Glasgow University;Popular Periodical Culture;Scottish Romanticism;Edinburgh Evening Courant;Late Eighteenth Century Scotland;Original Scotish Airs;Early Nineteenth Century Scotland;Cotter's Saturday Night;Murray Pittock;Edinburgh's Royal Infirmary;Scots Magazine;Ettrick Shepherd;Mrs Mason;Gaelic Scholar;Cottager's Wife;Anderson's University;Glasgow Chamber;Steam Ships;Scottish Medicine;Annexed Estates;Highland Tours