Creativity and Space

Creativity and Space

Labour and the Restructuring of the German Advertising Industry

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Contents: Introduction: The issue: creativity and contexts; The arguments: labour markets and space; The structure of the book. The Economic, the Social and the Spatial: Framing the Post-Industrial Economy: 'The Economy on its Way Back...' - recontextualizing economic action; Economic organization, social relations and spatial structures: three examples; Recontextualization through the individual: reflexivity and the convergence of work and life; Labour markets as 'Arenas' of a conflicting convergence; The economic, the social and the spatial: towards a subject-oriented understanding of recontextualization. The General Perspective: Changing Advertising and the West German Space-Economy: Advertising and the lack of an analytical economic approach; Advertising as an economic activity - a brief overview; German advertising and the German space-economy; Innovation in advertising as 'Window of Locational Opportunity': a first interpretation of the German 'Second Wave'. The Firm Perspective: Reading the Restructuring of German Advertising as an Innovation Process: Agencies as drivers of change: entrepreneurship and organization; The substance of innovation: exploring the Springer & Jacoby Story; The impact of innovation: continuity and change in the German agency landscape; Advertising between business service and popular art: a second interpretation. The Labour Perspective: The Creative Professional in the Restructuring of Advertising: The creative professional between idiosyncrasies and adaptation; Creative labour in the innovation process: access and adaptation; Life in the creative labour market: mobility and personalized relations; Innovation as 'Factor Creation' and 'Factor Attraction' and the functioning of a professional milieu: a third interpretation. Space and the Ambivalence of Reflexive Labour: Reflexive labour and space: importance and uncertainty; Reflexive labour between the economic, the social and the spatial; Final remarks and critical reflections; B
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