Creative Regions in Europe

Creative Regions in Europe

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1. Creative Regions in Europe: Challenges and Opportunities for Policy Nick Clifton, Roberta Comunian and Caroline Chapain 2. Home from Home? Locational Choices of International "Creative Class" Workers Julie Brown 3. Hung, Drawn and Cultural Quartered: Rethinking Cultural Quarter Development Policy in the UK Oli Mould and Roberta Comunian 4. Creativity, Cohesion and the 'Post-conflict' Society: A Policy Agenda (Illustrated from the Case of Northern Ireland) Nick Clifton and Tony Macaulay 5. Living Hand to Mouth: Why the Bohemian Lifestyle Does Not Lead to Wealth Creation in Peripheral Regions? Sophie Bennett, Steven Mcguire and Rachel Rahman 6. Towards the Creative and Knowledge Economies: Analysing Diverse Pathways in Spanish Cities Montserrat Pareja-Eastaway and Marc Pradel i Miquel 7.Creative Regions on a European Cross-Border Scale: Policy Issues and Development Perspectives Thomas Perrin 8. Factors Explaining the Spatial Agglomeration of the Creative Class: Empirical Evidence for German Artists Christoph Alfken, Tom Broekel and Rolf Sternberg 9. Creative Professionals, Local Amenities and Externalities: Do Regional Concentrations of Creative Professionals Reinforce Themselves Over Time? Jan Wedemeier
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