For a Renewed Concept of Technology in the Anthropocene


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Preface: Cosmotechnics Yuk Hui Introduction: Cosmotechnics and the ontological turn in the age of the Anthropocene Pieter Lemmens 1. Other turnings. Yuk Hui's pluralist cosmotechnics in between heidegger's ontological and stiegler's organological understanding of technology Pieter Lemmens 2. Cosmotechnics from an anthropotechnological perspective Marco Pavanini 3. Neosubstantivism as Cosmotechnics: Gilbert Simondon versus the Transhumanist Synthesis Andres Vaccari 4. Machine and ecology Yuk Hui 5. Noodiversty, technodiversity. Elements of a new economic foundation based on a new foundation for theoretical computer science Bernard Stiegler and translated by Daniel Ross 6. Technics and agency. The pluralism and diversity of techne Jason Tuckwell 7. Philosophy in the light of AI. Hegel or Leibniz Sjoerd van Tuinen 8. Towards a fifth ontology for the Anthropocene Clive Hamilton 9. The black angel of history. Afrofuturism's cosmic techniques Frederic Neyrat and translated by Daniel Ross 10. Equivocations of the body and cosmic arts. An experiment in polyrealism Peter Skafish
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